Internationaal scholar-in-residence programma

Het NIKI Scholar-in-residence programma biedt senior geesteswetenschappers die buiten Nederland werken de mogelijkheid om een onderzoeksverblijf van maximaal drie maanden in Florence door te brengen, als voorname gast van de stimulerende werkomgeving van het Nederlands Interuniversitair Instituut voor Kunstgeschiedenis (NIKI).

NWIB Visiting Professors Programme – Call 2024/2025

The NWIB Visiting Professors Programme offers assistant professors, associate professors and full professors at participating universities (see below) a unique opportunity to work undisturbed in an inspiring and stimulating environment.

Hybrid conference ”Johannes Stradanus (1523-1605): A Flemish Artist in Florence in the Age of Exploration” on 30 November – 1 December 2023

On the occasion of the exhibition ”Giovanni Stradano. Le più strane e belle invenzioni del mondo”, curated by Alessandra Baroni and held at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence (17 November 2023-18 February 2024), the Netherlands Interuniversity Institute for Art History (NIKI) organises an international conference on Johannes Stradanus and on the many ways in which the artist from Bruges,“with the flowers of his art, made Florence appear even more beautiful” (Van Mander).

Hybrid conference ”Artists’ Workshop Practice in the Renaissance” on 20-21 September 2023

The conference focuses on the Italian Renaissance artists’ workshop practice. The conference focuses on the Italian Renaissance artists’ workshop practice. While many scholars consider the work made in artists’ workshops and much recent scholarship seeks to attribute the outputs of the assistants of well-known painters and sculptors, there are still many questions concerning quotidian life in the workshop that have attracted little scholarly attention, and about which we know very little – or practically nothing.