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Call for Papers – Going South

Going South Artistic Exchange between the Netherlands and Italy in the Early Modern Period 12 December 2019 Venue RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History, The Hague CALL FOR PAPERS For several centuries Italy and the Low Countries were the centres of two major traditions in European painting. Italian artists were...


Call for Papers – Red chalk drawings

Call for Papers - International Conference, Florence, 18 September 2019 La pietra rossa nei secoli: fonti, tecniche e stile / Red chalk drawings (c. 1500-1800): sources, techniques and styles See  PietraRossa - Call for Papers (versione italiana) and Pietra Rossa Call for Papers - ENG (English version)  ...


Piero di Cosimo. Painter of Faith and Fable

Just published   PIERO DI COSIMO : Painter of Faith and Fable edited by Dennis Geronimus and Michael W. Kwakkelstein (NIKI Studies in Netherlandish-Italian Art History, 12) Leiden: Brill, 2018. 25cm., hardcover, 320pp., 116 color illus. Contents: Introduction - Telling Tales - The Kaleidoscopic Art of Piero di Cosimo (1462-1522), Dennis...