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Donors’ Assocation

The primary aim of the Friends of the Dutch Institute in Florence (formerly I Cinquecento Foundation), established in 1989, is to raise money to provide financial support for the Institute’s research activities. The Foundation has been successful in attracting a considerable number of donors, but nevertheless urgently needs more help in order to allow the Institute to continue its important work with the same vigour and dynamism (see electronic donor application form).

In 1999, one of the Foundation’s members founded the related GWO Fund. The capital allocated to this Fund makes it possible to award a number of annual grants to students and qualified art historians for study in Florence at the Institute. The Friends of the Dutch Institute in Florence support the projects and activities of the Institute and help it to continue its outstanding work. After registration we will keep you informed about the Institute’s activities. Donors have access to a number of services of the Institute, qualify for discounts on its publications and will be invited to exclusive thematic donor meetings in the Netherlands and in Italy.

Over the past years, the Foundation, together with the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund, enabled the Institute to purchase photographic archives and correspondence from the estates of several illustrious scholars, such as Hermann Voss and Benedict Nicolson. These acquisitions were of inestimable importance for the Institute’s research projects, such as the Repertory of Dutch and Flemish Paintings in Italian Public Collections
Since 1994, thanks to the contribution of one of its members, the Foundation was able to appoint an additional researcher for one of the Institute’s research projects.


Stichting Vrienden van het Kunsthistorisch Instituut in Florence
Postbus 80125
3508 TC Utrecht
T: 030 253 5500
E: florence@uu.nl

The Board of the Donors’ Association:
  • Drs. J.L. Torenbeek (president)
  • Drs. B. Straetmans (secretary)
  • Ir. Drs. W.J.N. Hoek (treasurer)
  • Drs. I.C. van Marle-Crommelin (fund raising)
  • Drs. H. van Hugten (fund raising)
  • Drs. M. Ruys-van Haaften (fund raising)
  • Drs. H.E.C. de Mol van Otterloo (fund raising)